Writing makes man intelligent, Reading makes a man complete.

Sellipiya is a website created just for you readers and writers. Authors can submit novels, short stories, kid's stories, cartoon stories, poems to you through the site and readers can refer to them.

What is "Sellipiya"?

With the advent of new technology, many people have moved away from books. Therefore, our aim is to bring books to you through new technology.

Objectives of the "Sellipiya"

To showcase the writer’s talents and give value to their creations.
To present high-quality and high-value creations to the readers.

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What we do

We provide a valuable service in one place by providing readers with the books, and articles they need and we help to enhance the creative ability of the writers and add value to their ability. We also respect the opinions of our customers and look forward to enhancing our service and providing the services they need. We hope you join us in learning about the importance of reading.